New pop magic

Founded by Seattle drummer and composer Adam Kozie (Pollens, Led To Sea, En Canto), Northern Thorns has operated as a musical collective performing original driving dance rock since 2014.


Northern Thorns at Spacecraft, Adam Kozie, Mike Sparks, Ian Williams


Northern Thorns is most heavily influenced by an obsession with mid- to late-70s Afropop, and especially Zaire-Congo soukous, cavacha and rumba rock. Orchestres Kiam, Viva La Musica, Zaiko Langa-Langa, OK/TPOK Jazz, Lipua-Lipua, Kamale, Bansomi Lay-Lay, Sinza Kotoko, Vévé, Stukas, Shama-Shama and Mabatalai are all strong influences, as well as Guinea’s Horoya Band and Bembeya Jazz, and Ghanaian highlife acts like Okukuseku Band and Kyeremateng Stars.



  • Adam Kozie – composer, drums, lead vocals
  • Isaac Castillo – bass guitar, vocals
  • John Coons – vocals
  • Beth Fleenor – percussion, vocals
  • Tristan Gianola – lead guitar
  • Whitney Lyman – percussion, vocals
  • Mike Sparks – bass guitar, vocals
  • Scott Teske – bass guitar
  • Angel Weaver – vocals
  • Ian Williams – rhythm guitar, vocals, trumpet
  • Jamie Maschler – percussion, vocals
  • Sam Esecson – percussion
  • Lalo Bello – percussion
  • Jared Borkowski – lead guitar, vocals
  • Ronan Delisle – rhythm guitar
  • Martin Strand – bass guitar


Northern Thorns SpaceCraft Photo Booth