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I Realize No One But Me Finds This Exciting

But I found a new image of Orchestre Kiam that I’d not seen before. Also I read that both guitarists are now dead, as are a lot of the musicians from the golden era in Kinshasa. I guess there wasn’t much hope of a reunion anyway.

Orchestre Kiam Band

There was also a Kiam song on YouTube that I hadn’t heard, posted a couple of weeks ago. Mayika is the name, and now I’m only missing two songs: Yule and Niamaraley(sp?)

This is a great song, classic sebene riffs and a very nice ensemble vocal call. See what you think:


  1. kimi kimiana

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Kiam’s “Baya Baya” is one of my favorites from the golden age of Congolese music: also did a recent blog on them: in addition to this one from a few years back:

    • adamkozie

      Ah yes, I contributed to Matthew’s wonderful PDF. I was waiting to find it published online, thank you for these links!

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