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A Great Review from Divide & Conquer!

‘…many levels above “catchy.”‘

Thanks so much Rebecca! I’ll be pulling great quotes from this for months.

Time to get this record around a bit more. Lord knows I been slackin’.


Bonus track on YouTube!


Lumumba is slain
Congo rang in sorrow for their curses
Along with Kwame, Amilcar, Mondlane, Olympio et Moumié

Killing to create, covering greed in shade, they lynch self-determinance
New thieves, new ghosts, new imperial age

No truth
No power

If you consume noble claims of the same, remember their wages
Recall how they paid Emmett Till, MLK
What were they paid with?

No truth
No power

These hosannas, tuned to your sorrows
Give you hope of a better world to come

New song on BandCamp

You Never Know is now available to buy on the Northern Thorns BandCamp page. 

CDs on the way soon!

New Show October 2nd at The High Dive

As mentioned in a previous post, we have a show on the books, having jumped on a bill with touring band Brothers Gow at High Dive October 2nd. Still waiting for the third act on the bill at this writing, but very much looking forward to getting Northern Thorns on stage next month before a 2-week spate of shows I took with another group at The Triple Door.

Matthew LaVoie’s Fantastic Orchestre Kiam History

Matthew Lavoie found me through this very website because I was nerding out and blogging about my favorite band Orchestre Kiam. We had some correspondence on the band (which was wonderful, as I often feel I have no peers regarding this matter), and I’m proud to have contributed some info and recordings to his comprehensive history of the great 70s Kinshasa band Orchestre Kiam. Check out this Afropop Worldwide post on Lavoie’s work and the band. Be sure to click all the links, and if you like classic Afropop and soukous music, check out the free ZIP downloads.

Here’s one of precious few photos of the group known to exist:

Orchestre Kiam

Orchestre Kiam

Album Comin!

I know I’ve sat on this album for months longer than was necessary. Really it was all about album art and title, and laziness. But I’m pleased to report that the art is finished and I’ll be ordering CDs in the next day or so! Hoping to have them to give out to all alumni and start selling by the end of September.

Here are some of the concepts for the art. I won’t reveal which one became the design just yet:

Oh, and in show news: we have jumped on a bill with Brothers Gow at The High Dive on October 2nd. Looking for some good friends to fill the last slot on the bill…

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