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Lumumba is slain
Congo rang in sorrow for their curses
Along with Kwame, Amilcar, Mondlane, Olympio et Moumié

Killing to create, covering greed in shade, they lynch self-determinance
New thieves, new ghosts, new imperial age

No truth
No power

If you consume noble claims of the same, remember their wages
Recall how they paid Emmett Till, MLK
What were they paid with?

No truth
No power

These hosannas, tuned to your sorrows
Give you hope of a better world to come

Kinda New Tune Comin’ – Malevolence

Northern Thorns had been performing a song called Malevolence for quite a few shows, though I’d taken it out of our live set and never put it on Soundcloud because I don’t consider it finished. When I completed Kill Me Again, I replaced it with that in the set.

It’s about a string of killings/disappearings/suppressings of pan-African leaders during the cold war, and how the 1960’s kicked off a renewal of imperialism that had existed on the continent since the European age of discovery. The lyrics, which need a bit of work still, include an adapted piece of a Patrice Lumumba poem:


“These hosannas, tuned to your sorrows, give you hope of a better world to come.”

Especially because of the subject matter, and because I am a white American man writing about black African struggle, I want the words to be their best form before I release this one. I’m taking December to edit charts, rerecord parts, reimagine melodies, etc. where I think that’s needed. This song will be getting a whole new comping pattern and more. I’ll get it out online before 2017.

Also, thank you Google for this entirely helpful definition of the word ‘malevolence.’

Malevolence definition

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