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New Shows, New Stuff

Back from our honeymoon in Venice and Croatia (Croatia wins) and I somehow managed to work on some booking on my phone while I was overseas. So stay tuned for Northern Thorns shows on:

> October 26th at Vermillion, playing a fundraiser for our buddy Markeith Wiley.

> November 6th at Kraken with The Gentleman Surfer, a Norcal band I haven’t seen since a house party in Sacramento like 9 years ago.

> Possibly something else in early November…


Orchestre Kiam Nina Lola Editions Veve Front Cover

In other news, I returned home to some items I had ordered. After I realized a couple months back my existing turntable had a problem I couldn’t fix with the left side audio, I ordered a new one on eBay. It’s an 80’s Sanyo that I’m so far very happy with. I’ll soon start digitizing my vinyl collection and putting the rare ones online. The timing is good because I also just received a Kiam 7″ with another obscure song I’ve never been able to hear before. It’s called Lola, the B-side of the Nina single from 1974, very early in their career. It’s classic, cavacha era with great Kiam guitar riffs. I’m looking forward to putting it on YouTube with Zavy, the other song I have that is nowhere online currently, and adding to the fan canon.

And finally I received a copy of Editions Veve, their first LP from the same year. I had this digitally already, but I’m trying to obtain their whole catalog on vinyl and this is a step in the right direction.

Now the vexing ones from that task are going to be Super Hits Vol’s I and II. I’ve never seen one for sale, I think they’re probably very rare and valuable. I’m just missing a few songs now…

Orchestre Kiam Nina Lola Editions Veve Back Cover


Loops To Close

I’m feeling a time crunch a lot lately. Too many loops to close, too many things on my to do list, some of which are Northern Thorns-related but many more of which are web design and school stuff. And wedding stuff for that matter, as I’m getting married this July. I am really enjoying making websites, including this one, but I can tell I’m going to have to set aside some time every week just to do booking and songwriting, fixing charts and recording, etc. Promoting shows too. Too many things in my brain.

However, this showed up yesterday and I’m stoked to listen to it. Really I’m hoping that it’s not a song I’ve already heard, just misnamed on the vinyl. That happens sometimes, and other weird things. I have another 7″ record that is two parts of the same song but printed as 45RPM on one side and 33RPM on the other.

Now I’m really motivated to get a turntable, or at least get together with a friend who has one.

Orchestre Kiam - Zavy 1984

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