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Album Comin!

I know I’ve sat on this album for months longer than was necessary. Really it was all about album art and title, and laziness. But I’m pleased to report that the art is finished and I’ll be ordering CDs in the next day or so! Hoping to have them to give out to all alumni and start selling by the end of September.

Here are some of the concepts for the art. I won’t reveal which one became the design just yet:

Oh, and in show news: we have jumped on a bill with Brothers Gow at The High Dive on October 2nd. Looking for some good friends to fill the last slot on the bill…

Recordings Have Been Mastered!

The Northern Thorns LP is finished, here’s a taste:

11 songs became 10 during recording, and 8 will make it onto a piece of vinyl. The remaining 2 will perhaps be a 7″ release, and I have an alt version of one song for digital only release as well.

Now to find a vinyl press…

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