A couple new 7 inches showed up today, an order I had made from a record store in Kenya on their eBay page. Kiam’s Memi pts I and II and Eboko Ley’s Trahison pts I and II. Memi is one of Kiam’s best, with probably the best guitar work of any of their songs.

Orchestre Kiam Memi Eboko Lay Trahison


Eboko Ley is comparatively obscure. I ran across them while searching YouTube for Kiam stuff; someone had mislabeled an Eboko Ley song called Meya as a Kiam song. I downloaded it and listened to it for months thinking it was Kiam, and it’s a good song. I did find it odd that none of the online Kiam discographies included it, even as a questionable song of theirs. Eventually I went back and read the comments on the YouTube video, in which someone points out (in French) that it’s not a Kiam song at all, and admonishes the uploader to correct the info. It has not been corrected since, and seems to be a part of the English language Kiam web lore at this point. But I thought the song was catchy, if terrible sound quality, so I looked for more from the group. This 7″ is all I’ve found so far. I’ll probably upload it somewhere eventually so others can hear it. As of now I haven’t listened to it yet.