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Bonus track on YouTube!


Lumumba is slain
Congo rang in sorrow for their curses
Along with Kwame, Amilcar, Mondlane, Olympio et Moumié

Killing to create, covering greed in shade, they lynch self-determinance
New thieves, new ghosts, new imperial age

No truth
No power

If you consume noble claims of the same, remember their wages
Recall how they paid Emmett Till, MLK
What were they paid with?

No truth
No power

These hosannas, tuned to your sorrows
Give you hope of a better world to come

Barboza 8/6

Poster for the new show:

Northern Thorns, Stella Crest, Brandon Krebs at Barboza August 6th 2017 8pm $8, 21+

Northern Thorns at Barboza Poster

Northern Thorns Stella Crest Brandon Krebs at Barboza August 6 Show Poster

New Show on the Calendar, Recording Updates Etc.

August 6th at Barboza, with Brandon Krebs and Stella Crest. It should be a great night playing with good friends and other supportive friends in the crowd.

Northern Thorns at Barboza

In other news, work continues on the full-length, with Bob Cheek at ExEx. It’s a fun way to make a record, passing the files back and forth in WAV format between ProTools and Logic. Lalo Bello came in and laid down some congas for a rumba-ish song that may end up as the final track. Now I get to edit them and give them back to Bob. Fun!

And we’re re-amping guitars. It’s great hearing them come alive and picking out pedals. A selection of what we’ve been using:

More on that soon! We hope to finish the re-amping this afternoon in fact.

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